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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels could be called an animated racing game with great music but that does really describe it. Try to download it and check your highest score! Like other racing games, in Happy Wheels, the player tries to get the character to the finish line. There are tremendous obstacles that hamper your ability to successfully do that. Happy Wheels hasn't gotten to be such a popular pastime because of its similarities to other racing games; it has to do with the hilarious character choices, the variations and difficulties of different levels, and the ragdoll animated physics which are often bloody as characters get bumped, cut, decapitated, and lose limbs on their way to the finish line.


Jim Bonacci created Happy Wheels initially for personal entertainment between himself and a friend. As the game got to be popular, he released it on his website in June of 2010. One of his reasons for creating Happy Wheels was his frustration that other games unrealistically portrayed injury and death in their games. Many games had characters that would get knocked out and they would get right back up. When the characters crashed into a mountainside they would just bounce back and continue. Happy Games characters do not have the luxury of bouncing. They are forced to continue on when they have lost their arms and legs. Even though very bloody, the game can still continue.


The characters in Happy Wheels are hilarious because none of them should ever be racing for their life. They include Wheelchair Man, Irresponsible Dad, Moped Couple, and Lawnmower Man, to name just a few. The most popular character is Irresponsible Dad who is a man riding a bike with a child as a passenger. Of course, no one is wearing a helmet. As part of the dark humor of the game, the child can be ejected toward the end of the game and it will help the Dad finish the race.


Happy Wheels will never be boring for descagar musica and enjoyment because there are many different levels. Goals vary according to the level that you are on and the creator has even thrown in some non-existent goals just to keep the players awake. Players can also create their own custom levels as the game includes tools and objects specifically for level building.

Most people will find Happy Wheels challenging and entertaining. It is probably not for everyone. It is on the gruesome, sick side, but I dare you not to laugh.